Parenting Troubled Teens

Books Written by Founders John McKinnon, MD and Rosemary McKinnon

John McKinnon is in a unique position to explain to readers the challenges in parenting troubled teens. In his books An Unchanged Mind and To Change a Mind, Dr. McKinnon brings to readers the astonishing findings of immaturity in adolescents.

parenting troubled teens

An Unchanged Mind: The Problem of Immaturity in Adolescence

By John McKinnon, MD

An Unchanged Mind begins with a clinical riddle: Why are American teenagers failing to develop normally through adolescence? We are presented with case studies from a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers: All new students had been deemed treatment “failures” after conventional psychiatric care. All were bright teenagers, full of promise, not obviously “ill.” Yet they found themselves unprepared for the challenges of modern adolescence and inevitably failed—at school, at home, and among their peers socially.

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parenting troubled teenagers

To Change a Mind: Parenting to Promote Maturity in Teenagers

By John McKinnon, MD

In this companion to his first book, An Unchanged Mind, Dr. McKinnon provides invaluable advice to all parents of teenagers and young adults. Parenting is no easy task. Using case studies gathered from his years helping parents with troubled adolescents, the author explores the ways that adolescent development can be derailed in today’s complex culture and how parents can prevent this from happening in the first place.

Packed with examples and sensible and practical advice for parents of pre-teens and teenagers, To Change a Mind is an essential guidebook for parents seeking to make their lives―and the lives of their children―richer and more fulfilling, as the family navigates together the potentially treacherous seas of adolescence.

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Montana Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Case Studies

Letters from Lost Prairie

By Rosemary McKinnon

Letters from Lost Prairie is a compilation of essays written for parents of troubled teens and stories regarding the therapeutic treatment of troubled teenagers on a ranch in NW Montana.

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