A Balanced Life Means a Balanced Mind

Montana Academy sits on a 500 acre ranch that provides students with the space, structure and routine aimed at inspiring well-rounded individuals. Students experience clinical engagements as well as academic classes each day of the week, Monday – Friday leaving evenings and weekends for participation in extracurricular activities, fitness classes, competitive interscholastic sports and trips to town and the surrounding outside world.

Like many other boarding schools, Montana Academy aims to provide students with the same outlets that inspire and drive healthy habits. Each day there is time set aside for focused fitness and Montana Academy has a well equipped weight and fitness room, a yoga room, an indoor basketball court and plenty of space for field sports. Montana Academy also offers students competitive soccer and basketball teams and travels to and hosts games throughout the sports seasons.

Student Council, which holds elections every few months, enables students to create and plan events that provide the greater student body occasions for further engagement including prom, winter formal, bbqs, and other special events.  

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Weekends at Montana Academy

Weekends at Montana Academy are intentional and offer a change of pace as far as the routine of the day goes; students sleep in later and have more opportunity to venture off-campus taking advantage of what our surrounding valley provides including Glacier National Park and endless outdoor opportunities including rock climbing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, snowboarding and skiing, and hiking. Weekends also take advantage of larger fitness centers in town, indoor climbing gyms, movie theatres and cultural events when they present themselves. Students also take time on weekends to engage in service work and gain a larger sense of community connection.