Psychiatric Oversight

In keeping with Montana Academy’s overall clinical emphasis, our medical team reviews entering students’ psychiatric histories and closely follows each student who is taking psychotropic medication. Montana Academy provides an ideal context for the close management of medications as students are in the company of a variety of staff who are able to offer support and feedback in regard to a student’s progress. Students regularly meet with our medical team to assess a medication’s effectiveness or to discontinue medication. A historical trend for students who enter Montana Academy on medication is a gradual titration off of medication particularly as students settle into campus life, academics and become less symptomatic.

The medical team consistently consults with families in order to determine how best to serve each student and welcomes parent collaboration.

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Medication Services

More than half of Montana Academy students arrive taking prescribed medications, usually to address deflated mood, difficulties with focus, concentration or impulsivity, or to relieve anxiety or other psychiatric symptoms

During enrollment, parents consult with our medical staff to confirm continued prescriptions and to assess and take note of any particular medical needs. Modifications or changes to current medications are usually delayed until a student has settled in and relationships and rapport have been established with medical staff. At that point, medical staff will consult with a student and family as well as home doctors in order to establish an informed course of action depending on the information gathered.

Prescription Medication

All prescribed medication ordered for staff distribution to students at the ranch or at the Sky Houses are prepackaged each week at a local pharmacy. Due to regulatory agency policies, our medical staff cannot re-dispense medications supplied by other pharmacies or provided in large quantities. We also limit the vitamins/supplements we can make available at the ranch to a preset list which must meet parent approval.

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