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Montana Academy Welcomes New Young Women’s Clinician: Haylee Maynard, MS, MA, LMFT

Originally from Sacramento, Haylee received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University. With a strong interest in trauma work, Haylee applied to Graduate Schools around the world, ultimately obtaining a Master’s of Science degree in War & Psychiatry… Read more »


Targeted Intervention Using Executive Functioning and Metacognition

Learning How to Learn at Montana Academy Student Centered Education Education has been evolving to be far more student-centered than in generations past. Largely gone is the “sage on the stage” from most academic classrooms and modern learning is much… Read more »

Troubled Teens and The Fine Art of Choice

There Are Few Things That Excite Kids Here at Montana Academy More Than The Creative Process. And while it’s not surprising to see students’ eyes light up in my visual arts classroom day after day, I occasionally reflect on the… Read more »

Therapeutic Boarding School Montana Agriculture Studies

Agricultural Studies at Montana Academy

Over 10 years ago now, a former student, we’ll call her Alex, was assigned to my Agricultural Studies class. Some students choose this class – a Social Studies elective that we offer during the Spring and Summer blocks – because… Read more »


Horsemanship Program at Montana Academy

The horsemanship program plays a vital role at Montana Academy.  Our students’ engagement with horses has a much deeper impact than simply going for a horseback ride.  In many ways the horse program provides an experience that compliments therapy and… Read more »