Montana Academy Monthly Tuition

Montana Academy’s monthly tuition is $9,300 as of January 1, 2020.

We also charge a one-time acceptance fee of $2000 for student application processing, enrollment essentials, academic supplies, and initial medical and psychiatric consultation.

We invoice families the tuition cost on a monthly basis with the exception of the initial invoice which includes a first month pro-rated amount, a last month deposit, and the acceptance fee.


Montana Academy is a non-profit, private pay therapeutic boarding school. The monthly tuition fee includes academic, clinical and residential services which are divided accordingly. Montana Academy does not work with insurance companies directly nor do we receive reimbursement for our services. In the case that a family is seeking reimbursement from their insurance provider, we encourage families to work with a professional insurance advocate. Insurance reimbursement is an evolving and lengthy process with its own nuances and we encourage families to take time and special care in consulting with a professional who can assist and guide this process. After careful evaluation and due diligence, we refer prospective families to SJ Health Insurance Advocates for consultation and services as they relate to potential insurance reimbursement for tuition costs. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Admissions department.

For possible Insurance reimbursement, visit SJ Health Advocates. Please note that while we highly recommend SJ Health Advocates for their expertise and helpfulness, we do not receive financial compensation for our referrals.

Montana Academy Tuition and Fees per month