Montana Academy

An integrated community builds character

Adolescents come to us with a variety of symptomatic emotional or behavioral issues resulting in a complexity of diagnoses. While it is important to address these symptoms and provide missing skills, we believe that lasting change also requires changing one’s sense of self and way of interacting with others. Our collaborative approach involves clinicians, academic faculty and residential staff who work closely to cultivate relationships and a strong rapport with students and families. At Montana Academy therapeutic boarding school, there is no department or class or subject that supersedes the significance of another as it is the interconnectedness of them all that allows our students to best understand and grow to be their true selves. Montana Academy removes the barriers between workgroups, between staff and students, between therapeutics, academics and program and maintains a culture and environment with appropriate structure, boundaries and accurate recognition that allows for the repair of a sense of self and for the growth of character. 

A New Decade, A New Era

Several months ago the founders of Montana Academy and the board of the Montana Academy Foundation made an exciting announcement, unveiling the plan to usher our school into the next generation by creating a single, not-for-profit entity that maintains the character, construct and legacy of our past twenty-two years. Montana Academy is pleased to announce the beginning of a new era. 

Under the leadership of the Head of School, and a robust leadership team, Montana Academy continues its dedication to fulfilling the founding mission of providing first-rate academics with a sophisticated clinical program while cultivating creativity and competence in an environment built on community support.

Montana Academy Therapeutic Boarding School

Our Mission Statement

Montana Academy Therapeutic Boarding School is committed to promoting developmental maturation in adolescents through healthy relationships and academic excellence.

Montana Academy Vision

“I would recommend Montana Academy Therapeutic Boarding School to any student that is struggling with anxiety and or depression who is not getting any significant relief from weekly therapy.  Montana Academy provides an academic environment that simultaneously provides therapy and the ability to connect with peers. These students develop the ability to honestly express themselves and learn that what they have been experiencing is not uncommon.”

– Montana Academy Parent