Combining well trained clinicians, an effective therapeutic program, and a challenging prep school.

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Established in 1997, Montana Academy is a co-educational, therapeutic boarding school located in Northwest Montana.

Known for a unique combination of clinical sophistication, ambitious academics and an effective therapeutic program, the leadership and staff at Montana Academy bring more than 175 years of cumulative experience to students and their families. Our approach in working with adolescent struggles requires a coordinated and sustained effort that promotes developmental maturation through healthy relationships. 

Our clinical, academic, and program structures have been designed from this understanding and promote this goal —to help struggling students move on to academic and interpersonal successes, which follow from a restoration of normal adolescent maturity.

Community, Character, Connection

For the past two decades, Montana Academy has taken an approach that places character development at the heart of our developmental model in helping young students mature. Our community is one in which we combine a comprehensive array of therapeutics, college-preparatory academics, and a robust offering of experiential and skill-building programmatic opportunities. We strive for an integrated coeducational community in which engagement in each of these areas informs an understanding of and engagement with the other, ultimately leading to the development of mature character in relation to the surrounding environment.

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Life at Montana Academy

Located in Northwest Montana, Montana Academy’s campus allows staff and students to take advantage of all of the recreational activities that the surrounding area has to offer while providing the structure and support for students to reorient to who they really are.

Students talk about feeling safe, and the transformation that takes place within themselves and their families. Making true connections through authentic relationships is one of the founding philosophies that empowers students to grow. Students learn and practice this on the ranch campus and then have the opportunity to truly apply what they’ve learned in town while they take on the challenges of more independent living at the Sky House.


Profile of Montana Academy
Students & Parents

There is no one type of Montana Academy student. All are teen-agers. All are high-school students. All students are bright, talented and full of promise. All of their families stand behind them, actively participate, and remain engaged in their children’s lives while they are students at Montana Academy.

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Montana Academy provided multidimensional support for our son — formal therapy, group work, medicine management, academics. The parent support is also phenomenal. We became very bonded to the other parents in our cohort.

– Montana Academy Parent